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Stainless steel anti-theft door using less than half a year paint blister off the door rust


"Businesses claim to be stainless steel anti-theft door, who knows the use of less than half a year, the door corner of the paint on the corner of the bubble, off the situation, paint off parts of the rust!" Mr. Cheng complained to the Fuqing market authority, he therefore find businesses to negotiate for the door, but there is no result. Fuqing market regulators involved in coordination, businesses agree with Mr. Cheng return, but also bear the maintenance costs 4700 yuan.

In mid June this year, Mr. Cheng in Fuqing City, south of anti-theft door store to buy security doors, businesses to sell a stainless steel door, said the door ten percent off promotions, excellent quality, durable, never rust. Cheng will pay 3200 yuan to buy the.

In less than three months, Mr. Cheng found the paint on the corner of the door. To late October, the security door of the paint off the rust.

"Stainless steel doors are still rusty?" Cheng feel that they have been fooled businesses. He found the business requirements for replacement. Business in the view of Mr. Cheng's door, said, may be because Mr. Cheng's home is low, the environment is too wet, resulting in the theft of security doors.

Mr Cheng believes that the quality of the stainless steel anti-theft door is not rusty, businesses should be replaced with new doors for themselves, and assume the replacement of door and door floor tile cost. The two sides dispute on compensation matters, Mr. Cheng had to turn to the Fuqing market authority for help.

The law enforcement mediation, yesterday, merchants agreed to return and bear the replacement of door and floor tile maintenance costs totaling 4700 yuan.

Market regulators prompted consumers to buy stainless steel anti-theft door should pay attention to the following points: first, look at the material. Look at the two main aspects of brand and the thickness of the steel plate, stainless steel anti-theft door material commonly used in grades 302 and 304; the door plate thickness not less than 2 cm, the thickness of the steel plate door behind the front is generally 0.8 cm to 1 cm. Two is to keep information. Consumers in the purchase, it is best to sign a written agreement, indicating the purchase of product models and after-sales service specific content. Three is to deposit invoices.

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