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The influence of the thickness of the stainless steel security door on the anti-theft effect


Security door is an important line of defense to ensure family security, its security effect is mainly related to the thickness of the material and the door. At present, we use the anti-theft door according to the material can be roughly divided into steel and wood anti-theft door, alloy anti-theft door, stainless steel anti-theft door, copper anti-theft door, different types of anti-theft door in the performance of a certain difference. Not all the doors can be called a security door, there is a certain standard on the security door, usually we use the relevant tools within 15 minutes can not open the door of violence as a security door.

Introduction to the level of security door

Anti-theft door according to the level of anti-theft performance can be divided into a, B, C, D four levels, which is the highest grade a burglar proof door, the lowest level of the security level of the grade. Stainless steel anti-theft door is currently on the market more respected anti-theft door, it is gradually replacing the traditional anti-theft door. Stainless steel door with other anti-theft door can be divided into grades, that is, A, B, C three grades, of which the best performance of the C level anti-theft door.

Stainless steel anti-theft because of the stainless steel material, so the safety performance is greatly improved, and the service life is also improved. In particular, the thickened version of the stainless steel anti-theft door can be used as a number of confidential warehouse security door, its security level has been able to achieve the highest level of security in the door. But its material and its price has been high, generally higher than the traditional anti-theft door a grade. In addition, stainless steel anti-theft door color is generally dull silver color is too bright, easy to produce some rust spots or stains, very affect its appearance.

The influence of the thickness of the stainless steel security door on the security level

Stainless steel anti-theft door is generally used as a door, so to ensure the safety of tenants, the security performance can not be ignored. Stainless steel anti-theft door with a close relationship between the level of security, in theory, stainless steel anti-theft door performance is proportional to the thickness of its thickness, that is, the thickness of the thickness, the better the security performance. Stainless steel anti-theft door leaf is composed of a steel plate and a middle part filled before and after, so the thickness should include total thickness, and the thickness of the steel plate thick steel plate thickness. Currently on the market, the total thickness of the stainless steel security door is generally between 5cm to 7cm, and the thickness of the steel plate is generally more than 0.6cm, 0.8cm and 1.0cm three. In order to enhance the security of stainless steel door, the general thickness of the plate to be thicker than the thickness of the steel plate, common stainless steel anti-theft door before the 0.8cm, the thickness of the plate after the 0.6cm.

Stainless steel anti-theft door in the purchase or custom when problems are mainly embodied in the material, specifications, quality, workmanship, the first production of stainless steel anti-theft door stainless steel materials have different quality grades, the 302 and 304 grades of stainless steel plate, stainless steel anti-theft door in the use of more; then, in the material or custom must look for qualified manufacturers, to prevent counterfeiting; finally, carefully observe the stainless steel security doors work fine, from some of the details of the quality of the good for judging the door.

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