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Talent Philosophy

Responsibility, competence, responsibility, trust
    No outstanding talents, no excellent enterprises. Responsibility and competence is the criteria for FMK to select talents. Assigning right positions to the right persons and trustworthiness is the standard to use talents.

    Responsibility is to have a sense of responsibility, professionalism, and dedication, dare to take responsibility, desire to make achievements, to be eager to have meritorious deeds at the post, and have ambition and aspirations. FMK’s staff have a sense of responsibility for their work, and have a sense of responsibility for the country, society, family, and family members.
 The first standard of employment is “virtue”. “A person with virtue but without abilities cannot shoulder important jobs, and a person with ability but without virtue cannot be trusted with important tasks”. FMK people should be honest, trustworthy, modest, united and generous, with a sense of collective honor. Our requirements for a person are the society’s requirements for a person. He or she must have public morality. We believe that a person without social morality is not a qualified staff of FMK. If a person barely has morality, no matter how talented he is, we will firmly shut him out.

Talent and Management
    Talent concept: the ancients said that to teach someone how to fish is more valuable than offering him fish, which indicates the training of talents. The company advocates the spirit of "professionalism, integrity, teamwork and innovation". The company pays attention to staff's character and ability. It requires that the staff should have professionalism and the pioneering ability, a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, the modern management consciousness and teamwork spirit.

Talent Strategy
    Excellent talents are the cornerstone of the company's strategic objectives, and the driving force for the development of the company. The company relies on scientific personnel training methods, effective incentive mechanism, a fair competitive platform, and a broad career development space to attract talents from all directions, so that each employee can fully demonstrate their values in the collective, achieve the maximum fit between their personal life planning with the company’s development, so that employees and the enterprise can grow together.

 We implement the targeted assessment mechanism for employees, the competitive flexible mechanism and the restructuring mechanism with reasonable flow, to form a positive phase-out and virtuous circle selection mechanism. We strive to achieve the optimal allocation of talents, implement the "jumping up to pick peaches" concept - whoever has the ability will be promoted, so that ability will become the main scale to measure the role of a talent in the enterprise.

Employment principles
    FMK recognizes and meets the needs of talents, respects and accommodates the personality of talents. We insist on the concept that as long as we employ someone, we do not suspect him; as long as we suspect someone, we do not use him. We give full trust and full authorization to the people we selected, suppress the mentality of speculation and make clear praises and demerits, striving to improve the transparency of the implementation of the system. We should both encourage them to assume the responsibility of their posts, and give the appropriate rights.

 Our staff should have: a positive attitude, a grateful heart, learning and enterprising attitude, honest and hard-working attitude, cooperation and innovation spirit, inclusive mentality and professionalism.


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